Is “replacement theology” the same as “covenant theology”?

13 Feb

To many reformed ears, they may think that the view that the church ‘replaces’ Israel as God’s chosen people in the New Covenant is classic reformed and covenant theology.   But the term replacement theology must be seriously qualified, and probably rejected outright, for it assumes a disjointed (dispensational) understanding of God’s redemptive activity in history rather than a covenantal (redemptive-historical) view — it strongly implies that God scrapped His old plans and started over with a new people rather than building on and from the original people of God; further, it does not recognize that reformed theologians and covenant theologians have not uniformly accepted the view that God simply forgot or erased or lost complete interest in His original work and promises made to the Jewish people.  Instead, most have recognized, hoped for, or interpret Romans 11 as specifically calling for a final future significant conversion of the Jews in to the faith.  Scott Clark has a great short article on the differences here.

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