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30 Mar

It is en vogue to be open-minded, to believe in nothing, to never arrive in an intellectual or philosophical journey.  The academy is filled with such people.  I like what Os Guinness has said about that, “The tragedy of our modern world is that a lot of people talk about journey.  But they have no intention of ever concluding.  So the search for meaning has ended up by making searching into a meaning and it is obscene to ever talk of arriving.  So that an awful lot of people in academia go around with ever open mouths and very open minds, but never ever shut them.”  In essence, such people refuse to be identified.  They relish the idea that they belong to no label.  Or so they think.  But an identity brings a sense of grounding for which there is no substitute.  It’s part of human nature to ‘belong’ to something (group or cause or tradition).  Even those who seek to escape classification can rather easily be classified with a few pointed questions (what is your final truth authority, what is you standard for ethics, what is ultimate reality like, etc.).  Being labeled is not something to be ashamed of and it does not make you ‘close-minded’ (an abused word if there every was one).  Rather, it opens your mind, since understanding the world, knowledge, is gained through examining the world through an interpretive grid or prism or worldview.  You can’t start the knowledge gathering process without believing some basic things.  As Augustine put it, “I believe so that I may understand.”  This is how humans think — presuppositionally.  That said,  I have already identified myself as a Reformed Evangelical Protestant.  But why?  A couple of years ago, I came across three talks given by Australian Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, the Right Reverend Peter Jensen.  I think you’ll enjoy and benefit from them, not only because they may help solidify your own identity, but also because Jensen is simply hilarious.


Why I am a Protestant Christian

Why I am a Reformed Christian

Why I am an Evangelical Christian

Link to the mp3 files

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