Two views on Civil/Secular Prayers

12 Sep

The debate between 2KT folk and those leaning towards a more Kuyperian stance on religion in public life are currently divided over how we should respond to Mayor Bloomberg’s refusal to invite evangelical clergy to the NYC 9/11 memorial service.  On the one hand, you have Michael Horton and others who are happy that evangelicals were spared the awkwardness and guilt of having to concoct a prayer so generic as to be meaningless at best and idolatrous at worst.  You have others who feel that Christians as Christians are being excluded from the public square where they can and should be permitted to express their gratitude to God and petition Him for consolation in the same way others of other faith traditions do who were privileged to be invited.    It is natural and right for religious people, they say, to participate fully in the public square especially in times of natioanl tragedy.  Here are two articles on the subject:

Horton: Prayer at Ground Zero

Franck and Simon: Mayor Bloomberg and the Soul of American Politics

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