Science, yes. Scientism, no.

3 Dec

Fantastic essay by Dr. Austin Hughes on the limits of science, the folly of scientism, the surrender of philosophy, and the dangers that ensue.  Highly recommended.

Here’s the conclusion, but read the whole thing from The New Atlantis:

Of all the fads and foibles in the long history of human credulity, scientism in all its varied guises — from fanciful cosmology to evolutionary epistemology and ethics — seems among the more dangerous, both because it pretends to be something very different from what it really is and because it has been accorded widespread and uncritical adherence. Continued insistence on the universal competence of science will serve only to undermine the credibility of science as a whole. The ultimate outcome will be an increase of radical skepticism that questions the ability of science to address even the questions legitimately within its sphere of competence. One longs for a new Enlightenment to puncture the pretensions of this latest superstition.

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