The ‘Lost Gospels’ were excluded from the canon for good reasons

5 Dec

The entire discussion of “lost” or “other” gospels makes for great conspiracy but poor history.

From Dr. Michael Bird:

The rejection of “other” Gospels by the proto-orthodox and orthodox church was neither arbitrary nor merely political. The reasons for rejecting them were cogent and compelling. Among the main criticisms lifted against the “other” Gospels and their authors is that: (1) The “Jesus” they set forth is not recognizable as the Jesus known in other sacred writings or congruent with apostolic tradition; (2) The “other” Gospels are often esoteric, elitist, and erroneous in what they affirm about God, creation, sin, holiness, ethics, and redemption; and (3) They do not properly have origins among Jesus’ earliest followers and are late and tendentious.

Full post with citations here

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