Michael Ruse calls Dawkins out for the same flippancy seen at universities throughout America

19 Dec

It has been my experience, also that of many students, not to have the Christian worldview soundly refuted by university professors or fellow students but simply to have it dismissed flippantly without serious regard to its actual content or argument.  It’s just easier that way, I suppose, than to wrestle with minds like Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, Plantinga, Edwards, Helm, Hodge, Warfield, Zacharias, Lewis, Bavinck, Kuyper, Van Til, Schaeffer, Chesterton, and so many others.  Several years ago, a student asked me how a Christian addresses the problem of evil, because according to his philosophy professor, no Christian thinker has ever dealt with it seriously.  Really?  A fundamentalist is at least someone who reads only their side and never interacts with the views of their opponents.  It seems we have a lot of fundamentalists in our universities.

Well, thank you Michael Ruse, an atheist himself, for making this point, using Richard Dawkins as a prime case.


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