What Christmas means is not necessarily what Christmas means “to you”

24 Dec

Michael Kruger on a Postmodern Christmas:

The other day I was listening to talk radio when the hosts began the inevitable seasonal discussion about the meaning of Christmas. Callers quickly chimed in with their various perspectives and opinions, often intermingled with touching stories and well-intended exhortations toward charity and kindness.

However, the friendly discussion quickly turned confrontational as various callers (and even the hosts) began disagreeing about the real meaning of Christmas. As one host attempted to settle the disagreement, a critical thing happened. Rather than appealing to some authority or truth that would supersede all the opinions offered, the host emphasized that he was only concerned to know what Christmas means “to you.”

The addition of these two little words—seemingly innocent and insignificant—sent a clear philosophical message: It does not matter what Christmas really means, it only matters what each individual finds personally and existentially satisfying about Christmas. Thus, in essence, the radio host was saying that there is no reason to disagree about the truth of Christmas, because, after all, there is no truth.

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