“Such were some of you,” The story of a Lesbian, Feminist, English Professor turned Reformed Pastor’s Wife

21 Jan

I think of all my blog posts, this will be among the best and most important and helpful ones.  What an amazing, powerful, relevant, timely, encouraging, convicting, story. The life of this lady, Dr. Rosario Butterfield, has so much to say to each of us. To believers, what have you sacrificed for the Kingdom of Christ? Is your home open to those who might make you the least comfortable? Are you willing to be vulnerable before your church family about your fears, sins, problems? Do you seek to build genuine friendships with unbelievers? Are you more obsessed and bothered with the sins of unbelievers than you are your own? Are you willing to share in those burdens with others? Do you believe in the unlimited power of prayer? To churches, how welcoming are you to those who struggle with things like sexual sin? Does your church only feed the “we are all clean-cut clean-living folks” mythology or is it open and honest about the troubles within it? Does your church convey the wrong message about the Christian life? That it’s simple, not meant to be difficult, all gain and no pain? What does loving the sinner really look like? To the unbeliever, do you think that there is no hope? Have you assessed Christianity based upon the behavior of Christians or upon the claims of Christ? What if you are wrong? What if the bible is true? What if Jesus Christ actually rose of the dead? What would that mean for your life? What if you reached out in faith prior to having all the answers? What if change by you is impossible but with God all things are possible? Is it possible that your stereotypes of Christian folks are as inaccurate as their stereotypes of people like you? Is the Christian faith really only for the unintelligent, uncritical, weak, gullible, or is it intellectually tenable, compelling even, and deeply satisfying? How can a, lesbian, feminist, noted queer studies scholar, tenured professor, LGBT activist become a Reformed Evangelical pastor’s wife full of joy and love for others? Isn’t that impossible? Isn’t it? Is this a joke?

Based on her book Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (2011), take an hour with notepad in hand and carefully listen to this amazing interview, a wonderful powerful story of God’s grace.  She has so much to say to broken sinners in desperate need of grace.  That pretty much means us all.

” And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”  1 Cor. 6:11.


UPDATE: Looks like she also wrote an article about her story at Christianity Today: Link

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