Why we should lament the fact that most evangelicals know nothing of church history beyond Billy Graham

5 Feb

From Historian Dr. Don Sweeting:

The immortal line of the old song Wonderful Worldbegins……“don’t know much about history….” It sentimentally reveals a deep bias in American life which disposes us to look down on what is old. We celebrate what’s hot. As historian Wil Durant once put it, “we Americans are the best informed people on earth as to the events of the last twenty-four hours; we are not the best informed as to the events of the last sixty centuries.”

Our culture disposes us to a short term memory. We’re a relatively young nation. We are present-oriented. And when it comes to the past, we have amnesia.  Sadly, American Evangelicalism does not escape these trends.

So what’s the benefit of studying history?  It’s massive!  Let me briefly outline some of the blessings of studying church history.

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