Instead of funding Planned Parenthood, what about this?

14 Feb

It seems Pennsylvania has chosen to deal with unwanted pregnancies in a more humane way than contributing to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.  Could it be a model for other states?

An alternative program in Pennsylvania designed to empower women with unplanned pregnancies to choose life over abortion has resulted in a seven percent dip in the number of resident abortions in the state over the last 17 years.

Real Alternatives, a charitable non-profit organization that administers the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program with funds from the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, described it as a “first-in-the nation” operation.

The organization notes that the Pennsylvania Department of Health recently reported 34,459 abortions in the state, a drop of just over two percent for 2011. This figure is also approximately seven percent lower than the 37,173 abortions reported in 1995, the year before the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program began.

“It has been so gratifying over these years that so many women who were alone and facing a crisis pregnancy had another person to assist them and empower them to overcome obstacles and pressures so they could choose life for their preborn baby,” said Kevin Bagatta, president and CEO of Real Alternatives, in a statement on Wednesday.

Real Alternatives provides funding to 93 pregnancy support centers, Catholic Charities, and maternity homes, and there are more than 500 counselors to provide free pregnancy support and parenting education services to women in the state.

As a testament to the effect of the Program on the women who receive help through their work, Real Alternatives provided a video with several women and workers talking about their experience.

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