Missing gospels?

8 Aug

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It has become fashionable to suggest that the Bible is “missing” certain gospels. As the suggestion goes, dozens of early Christians wrote factual accounts of Jesus’ life, but early Church leaders suppressed certain writings—many of which are known as Gnostic gospels—in order to manipulate the Jesus story in service of their political agenda. Though it may sound plausible at first, this scenario badly distorts the truth. Knowing a few facts about the “missing” writings can help believers counter this claim.

First, there were not as many “missing gospels” as some suggest. For example, the popular novel The Da Vinci Code claims there were “more than eighty” gospels considered for the New Testament. In reality, we know of about 15-20 that didn’t make it into the New Testament, though manuscripts survived for only some 13. When it comes to Gnostic gospels in particular, the number becomes even smaller. The most famous discovery of Gnostic writings occurred in 1945 at Nag Hammadi in the desert of Egypt. Of the 45 writings unearthed only five were gospels.

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