Does Paul Krugman make a point? Yes, but it’s not a good one.

9 Aug


NYT: Moochers Against Welfare.

In this column Paul Krugman, a liberal economist, makes a point, but it’s not a good one.  His point is simple, red-staters are irrational.  Red-states are relatively heavily dependent upon government programs for their subsistence and yet are more politically conservative about those same programs.  The only problem with this allegation is that, it’s not true and highly misleading.  Here’s why:

1.  States don’t vote, people do.  People in red-states who are heavily dependent upon government programs, especially means-tested ones, do not in fact vote Republican by and large.  They vote Democratic.  They simply are fewer in number than the political conservatives in the state who are less dependent on government programs.  Krugman simply describes individual voters in red-states in terms of their collective voting preferences, then calls them ‘moochers against welfare.’  This is a classic case of the “ecological fallacy,” describing the nature or…

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