When a church burns…

15 Aug

In light of recent church burnings in the wake of the Egyptian violence, I thought I should repost this blog entry from the past.


Christians are persecuted in many different ways.  They are laughed at for believing in “ridiculous” ideas.  And they are murdered for denying Islam or communism or fascism or whatever.  Sometimes, their churches are burned to the ground.  Persecutors do this because they know that the church building is

more than a building to Christian fellowships.  It is easy for Western Christians to fail to grasp the trauma faced by Christians elsewhere when their church building is burned.  After all, we only go there once a week for an hour and we have insurance and we can all chip in for a new one and it’s

just brick and mortar, right?  But Christian church buildings in most other parts of the world mean so much more.  First, they were hard to come by.  Christians often get their building from their own physical labor, sweat, and personal financial sacrifice.  Second, these buildings…

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