Don’t waste your car line

12 Sep

A few weeks ago, I realized that the time I spent driving my son to school and sitting in car line (10 minutes) was being wasted.  I began looking for something that would be edifying for both of us.  I found Kids4Truth, a daily podcast/devotional (3 minutes) with sound theology and relevant kid-level application.  Most kid devotionals are basically about being good and pleasant, and rarely teach the child much about their great Creator and Redeemer.  That is, there is much moralizing but little Christ-centered biblical gospel teaching.  I’m happy to recommend this to you parents.  You can subscribe as a podcast on your smartphone or iPhone and it automatically downloads each day.  Just follow this link and look on the left-hand side to subscribe.  Great way to start the morning.  They also have a church history podcast for kids too (check out their “dynamations” page as well).


Here’s today’s podcast as a sample:

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