Can I kill it?

21 Sep


I bet I can guess the question you are thinking of when you read the title of this post.  Kill what?  This is exactly how a parent responds when their six year old boy comes in from playing outside and says, “Dad, I found something in the backyard.  Can I kill it?”  At that point, the all important question, the question that takes precedence over every other one, is the question, What is it you want to kill?  If it’s a roach, I’m inclined to say yes.  If it’s his brother, well OF COURSE NOT, and we need to talk to the pastor (or exorcist).  We get sidetracked often in the abortion debate by not keeping the main thing the main thing.  If the fetus is a person, nothing else matters much.  All of the reasons why we might want the fetus-person gone are irrelevant (he’s sick, he’s a financial…

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