Should Christians resist or welcome secularization?

7 Nov


In light of this article: making its way around social network sites, I’m reblogging this older post. I’ll give two cheers to the article with my blog post as an important caveat.


There is a strand of Christian social teaching that, if it doesn’t welcome the secularization of culture, it’s at least pretty indifferent to it.  It posits that under conditions of secularization, the purification of the church can commence, as false believers lose interest in participating in the maintenance of a religion which the rest of the culture has now deemed outdated and unnecessary as an ethical system, a cultural icon and heritage, a unifying social tradition.  Yet, true believers will labor on, never falling away, making the church a closer approximation of the true eternal kingdom of God.  Isn’t that our primary concern?  When people live like Christians, benefit from Christian approaches to parenting, marriage, relationships, political convictions, etc., without being full committed followers of Jesus Christ, aren’t we just creating conditions that will make people feel like Christians under false pretenses only, allowing them to get the milk from…

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