A “providentially ordained nationalist” – Mark Tooley on Mandela’s legacy

9 Dec

Mark Tooley responds to those who doggedly embrace an unqualified approval of Mandela’s life and those who think venerating Mandela is inappropriate given his pre-imprisonment alliances with violent Marxist organizations and regimes:

“Amid all the justified accolades for Nelson Mandela there’s been some online skirmishing between a few on the right insisting Mandela was a Marxist and some on the left lambasting prominent conservatives 30 years ago (William Buckley, Richard Cheney) who condemned Mandela. Neither seems to appreciate the full arc of history and instead both score their points as though history stopped decades ago…….

All national leaders, especially in urgent times, must necessarily make distasteful choices for the greater good if not the survival of their people. In his struggle against the Boer led Apartheid oppression of his nation’s black majority, Mandela sought help from wicked sources, whom he never explicitly disavowed, but whose example he ultimately rejected. He was not unlike America’s WWII and Cold War leaders who also made unlikeable but needed allies for the good of their nation and also ultimately the world. Critics of both don’t realize the similarity.

Mandela is widely hailed as a saintly humanitarian. But he deserves more credit as a patient, calculating, persevering, disciplined patriot who prioritized his nation over himself and others. He performed what Providence ordains leaders at decisive moments to achieve.”

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