The 1960s cultural revolutions lifted many taboos, including those of behaviors liberals hate, like lavish wealth

17 Feb


Interesting argument, made on both right (traditionalists) and left (concerned with wealth inequality).  Perhaps part of the gift that keeps on giving from the 1960s, unchecked permissiveness and the obliteration of all taboos, includes not… only sexual licentiousness and family disintegration, but also lavish wealthy lifestyles.  Could the 1960s be partly to blame for the rich getting richer?  A conundrum for movement conservatives as well as modern liberals, me thinks.

From Anna Williams at First Things:

An exchange in Boston Review between Richard White and Gavin Jones on wealth during and since the Gilded Age reminded me of a question that arose during the Occupy Wall Street protests: To what extent has the decline of social stigmas contributed to the rise in economic inequality?

Few would disagree that there is now less of a stigma against divorce, unwed motherhood, homosexuality, and other once-controversial practices than there was in the…

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