Teaching children, teens, and adults the basic unity of the bible as one story

25 Feb

I recently got to hear Dr. John Kwasny, founder of One Story Ministries, give a presentation on his ministries curricula for family devotions, Sunday School multiple ages, even Christian School material.  With so many materials essentially teaching the bible as a series of unrelated stories with only a moral lesson at the end (or worse, hero worship of Old Testament figures), it was refreshing to see and hear of this line of curricula showing young and old how the entire Bible is to be understood using a redemptive-historical hermeneutic.  What does the passage say; what does it say about Jesus; how does it apply to me?  From Genesis to Revelation, the bible is indeed One Story.

If you or your church would be interested in these materials, you can look at them (samples available) at their nice website located here.


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