For the GOP, is it just a matter of reaching out to non-whites? A kind reply to Philip Jenkins

8 May

This Washington Post article is a kind of update to this blog post from a while back regarding the religiosity and political leanings of American Hispanics.


My view makes me unpopular with everyone, so it seems.  For those on the left, the notion I’m sticking to, that a cultural and demographic firewall probably won Obama the presidency and will do so for Democrats for years to come sounds condescending, a kind of veiled insult to many Democratic voters as if they are mind-numb automatons being moved by social forces beyond their control.  For those on the right, the firewall thesis is a major lapse of faith in America, a denial of her exceptionalism and resilience,  the pitiful bemoaning of the defeated raising an unpatriotic white flag prophesying the forfeiture of founding principles and doom of America.  One accuses me of failing to give enough credit.  The other accuses me of failing to fail well.

But neither is correct.  I can honestly say that my conclusions about the future of the American electorate is not motivated by condescension or defeatism…

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