The ins and outs of mass American polarization

12 Jun

Polarization is the tendency for large segments of society to develop a growing distance between themselves ideologically, culturally, politically).  Pew has uncovered more information about this reality in their latest survey of Americans.   Here are a few highlights of the larger study you can find here.

Democrats and Republicans More Ideologically Divided than in the Past

Beyond Dislike: Viewing the Other Party as a ‘Threat to the Nation’s Well-Being’

Growing Minority Holds Consistent Ideological Views

Republicans Shift to the Right, Democrats to the Left

A Rising Tide of Mutual Antipathy

Liberals Want Walkable Communities, Conservatives Prefer More Room

Conservatives Attracted to Small Towns, Rural Areas; Liberals Prefer CitiesEthnic Diversity More Important for Liberals, Faith Community More Important for Conservatives

Ideological Consistency: Leaners More Similar to Partisans  Than Other Independents



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