The question is not will the Roman Catholic Church reverse itself, but given Catholic doctrine, can it?

10 Sep

Given Catholic doctrine about ecclesiastical and papal authority, it would seem that a reversal of doctrines on the sinfulness of homosexuality would mean a reversal of doctrine on the legitimacy of sacred tradition, scripture, and papal doctrinal integrity.  Could a split be looming?

From the Spectator blogs:

The magisterium of the Catholic Church is immutable on the big questions. You couldn’t reverse Paul VI’s absolute ban on artificial contraception or John Paul II’s declaration that women priests are a theological impossibility without, effectively, abolishing the office of Pope. And neither of these rulings is as blindingly obvious, from the perspective of ‘natural law’, as the sinfulness of homosexual genital acts.

But Hale doesn’t ask whether the Church is about to allow gay marriage. He asks if its attitude towards it is ‘evolving’, a slippery concept.”

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