Why are the motives of pro-choice men not met with the same suspicion as pro-life men?

18 Sep

We are told by many on the pro-choice side that men who oppose abortion can’t be trusted.  The real motive they may have is oppressing women, no matter how genuine they may seem to be regarding the unborn.  But if we are allowed to impugn the motives of pro-life men, what about pro-choice men?  After all, one could argue quite reasonably that abortion serves the personal self-interest of promiscuous men.  Perhaps the real motive of pro-choice men is not women’s rights, but guilt and duty free sex.  If abortion is available, then men may reasonably detach themselves from any responsibility they may have had when they engage in consensual sex.  Sex becomes a truly consequence free activity with a sure-fire backstop plan if “worse comes to worse” and recreation turns to procreation.  Men need not concern themselves with seeing sex as a serious act involving loving long-term commitment.  Rather, there is now no excuse for thinking of it in any other way except pleasure.  If the woman wants more, he can say “no thanks and remember, there’s always abortion.”  Furthermore, abortion relieves men of their moral obligation to care for a child they personally would have chosen to abort (had they been women).  If women can say on the one hand “my  body, my choice,” then men may reasonably say  on the other “I agree, it’s your business, not mine.  If you want to abort, fine.  Your life.  If you want to keep it, fine.  Your life.  You don’t need my consent for either.  As a man, I am disqualified in this decision, which also makes me not responsible for the decision you make.  We agreed to have sex, not a baby.  If she wants to be a parent, it is truly, her choice to make alone.”  In short, the availability of abortion allows men to trivialize sex, treating it as recreational only, and relieves them of the moral warrant to keep and care for any children they would have preferred to abort, reducing any incentive to stick around for either mother or child (which has major social drawbacks as well, studies show also here)  Sweet deal, if only there were no God of justice.

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