Its that time of year, when the biblically illiterate receive front page coverage to attack the Christian faith

24 Dec

It’s that time of year… when the biblically illiterate get front page coverage to accuse Christians of being biblically illiterate. Apparently, the only criteria for publishing in Newsweek these days is attacking Christian faith, not fairness or even accuracy. Read the story, and if you can’t see the gaping holes in it, listen to Dr. James White, then sit back and have a hearty, merry, bowl full of jelly, laugh!

From Alpha Omega Ministries:

Newsweek Does Its Christmas Attack Upon Christianity: Refutation of Kurt Eichenwald’s Article

Other than a few magical moments with my surprise co-host Clementine (stage name “Clemskidoodles”), this 90 minute program is a review and refutation of this horrifically biased, erroneous, and just plain anti-Christian cover article in the current issue of Newsweek magazine.  If you encounter anyone spouting this stuff, please, please, share this program with them!

Here is the audio player for the show:

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