ISIS shows us what real persecution AND theocracy looks like… your point?

18 Feb

Quit telling American Christians that ISIS shows us what real persecution looks like, so shut up. If it does, it also shows us what real theocracy looks like, so where does that leave us? Just stop it. It’s a cheap trick that isn’t helpful to anyone, as Rod Dreher shows here:

“The mass martyrdom last week of the 21 Egyptian Copts at the hands of ISIS is a sobering reminder of what real persecution looks like. Yet it is also the kind of thing that people in this country who fear and loathe Christians point to as an argument-ender when Christians complain about social injustice against themselves, e.g., “Get back to me when they’re chopping Christian heads off, then we’ll talk.” I would point out that ISIS is throwing gay men out of high windows to their deaths, and the crowds below are finishing off the job with stones. No secular liberal would — nor should — accept the argument that gays in the US have no right to complain against discrimination because they don’t have it as bad as gays in ISIS-held territory. So let’s put that cheap argument to bed.”

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