Why baptists should return to the plural elder model of church government

12 May

Not too surprising. I noticed this over the course of my life in the SBC. I believe these are by-products of the single elder model so popular among Southern Baptists in recent generations, even though the plural elder model was more common in Baptist history. Too much power and too much pressure are usually involved in the single elder model. Protestants and especially Baptists are supposed to be far removed from the episcopacy, where power is centralized. Indeed the whole notion of decentralized power both in the church and in the state was never more clearly defended than by early baptists. But after Baptists embraced the great revivals of the 18th and especially 19th centuries, the pastor as stage performer, celebrity, church CEO, sole flock shepherd, and highest church authority, emerged unfortunately.

“Southern Baptists, who have been tracking this for over 15 years, show that 4 of the 5 top reasons clergy are let go is related to the leadership style of the pastor. Too strong a style is cited twice as often as too weak a style. But one thing that is consistent no matter the style is poor people skills.”

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