Thank you Disney, you have proven two of our points

19 May

Nothing shocks me anymore. But in this new Disney/ABC series, The Real O’Neals, the medial/cultural left actually proves two points that conservative Christians have been making all along.  How?

I recently heard political and cultural commentator Rod Dreher make the comment that Christians must stop thinking that playing nice and being nice will soften the opposition the church faces in this culture. It isn’t true, he said. Rather, speaking from firsthand experience, Christians must come to understand that “they hate us” (media elites). I wondered if he was exaggerating (after all, I’m always told that only one side ‘hates’ in the culture war, right?). If there is hate in the culture war, point number is proven by Disney is that both sides can be guilty of it.  It isn’t as simple as haters (right) versus lovers (left).     

Point Two: By going forward with this series, Disney actually does pay an inadvertent compliment to orthodox Christians (and inadvertently proves their second argument). How? Because it is Christianity that is being attacked and mocked, not Islam. Why? Because they expect and fear the backlash from Muslims, whose political theology is fundamentally different than that of Christianity (there is no Two-Kingdom aspect to it).  They thereby demonstrate the fact that not all religions are the same, particularly when comparing Islam and Christianity.

Linke to Trailer [Warning: viewer discretion is advised, for the this Disney ‘family’ show.]:

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