The Evangelical Roots of the Duggar Disaster

12 Jun

Christians should not be surprised by the absolute giddiness, excitement, that accompanies some unbelievers when they hear and hastily share the news of Josh Duggar’s wicked actions in his adolescence. They should not be surprised because they are largely responsible for that reaction. Christians have accepted a number of falsities from the world, and pay the price for them. One is that Christianity needs to counter the celebrity driven culture with its own celebrities, even if what we actually know about them spiritually is limited to what has been packaged for us by directors and producers. This approach (“Our celebrities are better than yours!”) is doomed. That Christian celebrities deserve special favor, deference, respect, attention, honor, status, more than ordinary Christians and/or pastors, theologians, missionaries, is to adopt the world’s standards for success, not God’s.

But more significantly, more fatally, Christians have bought into the unbiblical notion that some men are good, innocent, and others are bad, guilty. Basically, they start believing that believers are good, clean, and nice and non-believers are bad, dirty, and rude. Believers go to church and have traditional families. Non-believers go to clubs and have alternative lifestyles. So, Duggars are good, Kardashians are bad, and therein lies the problem. The biblical message is quite different, since no one is good but God, all have sinned, all are conceived in iniquity, and any good done by anyone is a gracious and divine gift leaving no room for self-righteous boasting. Christians must come to grips with the fact that they pray in Jesus name for a reason: He alone lived a righteous life; He alone has satisfied the righteous requirements of God’s law; He alone may enter in the divine presence; He alone is holy. We are not to look to the Duggars as exemplars of righteousness any more than we are to look to the Kardahsians. Rather, we look to Christ, the Righteous One, alone, since the good deeds we might offer to assuage the judgement of God, believer or unbeliever, Duggar or Kardashian, are but filthy rags to God. But the deeds offered by Christ’s life and death were exclusively sufficient. Be In Christ. That is the safe place.

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