Remember federalism? If you said, no, or what’s federalism, you are in elite company

16 Jul


If you ask many Political Scientists today, Federalism is just chapter 3 in their PS 101 textbook.  It is often just skipped for lack of relevance, dismissed as obsolete, or simply jumbled through by professors who frankly don’t understand it (they see it merely as a design feature born out of political pragmatism rather than a system of governance derived from a keen sense of human nature and conviction about how diverse societies might flourish).  A typical picture from an American civics text of how the constitution designs federalism is seen below (in reality, of course, through federal grant power, federal mandates, war-making, and executive branch decrees, the circle on the left is overlapping in practice, if not in theory or design, the circle on the right):

The founding fathers, and the framers of our constitution, sought to protect individual freedom and to keep representative government close to the people…

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