Senator Dr. Ben Sasse just gets it. Sasse for President

18 Jul

Why will I be writing in Ben Sasse for president in 2016?  Because he gets it.  He is a constitutionalist first (party way down the list).  He understands that cultural change and process will not happen through centralized legislation.  He is conversant with and guided strongly by founding principles of political philosophy (he actually has one, which is almost entirely missing from politicians these days).  Most importantly, he knows that how laws and decided (separation of powers, federalism, rule of law, checks and balances) is far more significant in a republican than what laws are decided (or which partisan side you are on).

Just listen to the man.42f0699cfba87c006a0f6a706700912d_c0-239-5712-3569_s885x516

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