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Superhuman plays in baseball

16 Apr

What really matters for my favorite baseball player, Brian Dozier

4 Jun

I was blessed to see him play here at Southern Miss.  An amazing player.  League and division statistical leader of several categories both with the bat and glove.  Professing believer.

Interviewed on CBN here about his faith, missions work, and baseball career:

Highlights of among the best players in the MLB:

This is (#23) Southern Miss Baseball: Opening day couldn’t come at a better time

15 Feb

Just to the right of this photo is where I proposed to my beautiful wife fifteen years ago. It was the prettiest place around, filled with live oaks and flower gardens. It’s all gone. Care to make a donation through the PCA? Click the image above.

Although most of the day for so many in my home town and university will be preoccupied recovering from the devastation and carnage in the aftermath of a massive tornado that hit Hattiesburg, MS nearly a week ago (see pictures here), Southern Miss baseball, a program with a large following and strong tradition, will provide a  very nice escape tonight.

USM Baseball “One Family” from Steven May on Vimeo.

College Football Grid of Shame

31 Aug

From the WSJ:

The Grid is a subjective rating of every major-college team on two levels: how good the team should be this season, and how much shame it has brought its supporters. The shame scale takes into account a variety of factors, from NCAA rules-related scandals and player misbehavior to academic performance and financial state.

Let’s do it again!

30 Aug


An Audience of One with Jeremy Lin (music by Trip Lee and Lecrae)

28 Apr

It’s Football Time in the South: The Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles

31 Aug

Southern Miss, To The Top!!!  Let this be The Year

Reggie Collier, The Perfect 10 (no one could hang with him; first qb to pass/run for 1k yards in a year; “He’s the greatest football player I’ve ever seen” – Bear Bryant, just after Reggie and the Eagles beat Bama).

Shutout Bama!

Nasty Bunch Defense (I was twenty yards from this hit, safely in the stands)

Favre beats Florida State

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